Ashlyn Lee
Busy Bubs Lead Teacher
Creative Drama Teacher

After completing her diploma in counselling in Singapore, Ashlyn pursued her interest in psychology and graduated with a BA in psychology at Murdoch University in 2016. During her years in University, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology and Human Development always fascinated her. Musically, Ashlyn also possesses a Grade 7 qualification in Piano from ABRSM.

Upon graduating, Ashlyn followed her passion in Child Cognitive Development, in particular with early childhood learning and education and joined ‘Forest of Stars’. Ashlyn also participated in voluntary social work for children with special needs.

In 2017, Ashlyn officially joined ‘Forest of Stars’ where she gained her teaching certificate- ‘Professional Practice in Speech Development and Creative Drama’ (accredited by London Teacher Training College) and also underwent the ‘Forest of Stars’ teacher training programme. Ashlyn believes that every child has their own method of learning and that the most important element about learning is a space that allows children to learn without being judged and for their work to be appreciated with respect.