Mark Theng

Mr. Mark Theng is no stranger to playing and performing with his guitar. Starting in his youth during 1977, Mark played with his first band, Wishing Well on lead guitars. This subsequently led him into playing professionally in the Johor Bahru club and pub circuit with venues such as Kowloon, Tomorrow’s Pub with notable local artiste, Anna Mesri and Happy Valley with Gerrard Singh.

In 2006 Mark joined the Rock band, ‘Sticky Fingers’ and played at the renowned Handle Bar. Mark went on to also perform with various outfits at various venues such as Cabana, Johor Civil Service Club, Mutiara Hotel, Lazio and Submarine just to name a few.

Mark enjoys playing a variety of music styles ranging from Rock, Pop, Blues, Bossa Nova, Jazz and Funk. Mark aspires to be a teaching figure that produces well rounded guitar students that display traits of versatility as well as passionate improvisational musicianship qualities.